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Choosing The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Having the best pet hair vacuum available at your disposal is invaluable when it comes to one of the biggest nuisances that you’ll face as a pet owner, unwanted shedding. Nearly every dog or cat, regardless of age and breed, sheds at some point throughout the year. Some breeds have more hair or thicker undercoats causing them to shed in higher quantities than other breeds. In addition to hair, pets can also shed allergy-causing dander. In this case, you must be doubly diligent in your…

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The Best Lightweight Vacuums for Removing Pet Hair

Pet hair is a nuisance. Removing it is a chore if your vacuum cleaner is too heavy. Vacuums with bags add to the burden of cleaning. The dust they exhaust because of unfiltered bags worsens the task. This is why choosing a portable, lightweight machine without a bag is essential for the cleaning process. Vacuum manufacturers are aware of our needs for mobility and total cleanliness. They have designed a few bagless, lightweight models that remove animal hair and other irritating dirt from hard-to-reach places…

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