Choosing The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Having the best pet hair vacuum available at your disposal is invaluable when it comes to one of the biggest nuisances that you’ll face as a pet owner, unwanted shedding. Nearly every dog or cat, regardless of age and breed, sheds at some point throughout the year.

Some breeds have more hair or thicker undercoats causing them to shed in higher quantities than other breeds. In addition to hair, pets can also shed allergy-causing dander. In this case, you must be doubly diligent in your battle against it.

In addition to shedding hair and dander, pets can carry all sorts of dirt from their romps outdoors. Every time your puppy rolls around in the dirt and comes back to sleep on your carpet, he brings with him a large amount of grass, dust, and pests.

What Can I Do About The Pesky Hair?

Cute PuppySome owners confine their pets strictly to outdoor areas. Others deal with their hair problem by shaving them.

These methods work but can get difficult, especially in the rainy seasons and winter months.

In addition to that, having your animal groomed every time hair grows back can be costly. It’s not really plausible to try and get your dog or cat to stop shedding. The only thing that a responsible pet owner can do is to find a vacuum suitable for pet hair and simplify the clean-up process.

3 Important Factors to Consider

  1. Bag Size – One of the first things to consider when choosing your vacuum is the amount of hair that’s being shed. If your pet has a long and thick coat, it’s important to choose one with a larger bag. A machine that fills quickly will need to be constantly emptied. This process can become a bit of a hassle, especially if your pet sheds all the time. The best cleaner for animal hair should ideally be one that handles larger loads thus preventing you from having to empty it after every use.
  2. Machine Size – Another factor to consider during your search for an ideal vacuum is size. If you have adequate storage space, a full sized cleaning machine is definitely the way to go. Pet owners with smaller homes and apartments might want to consider a good hand-held vacuum cleaner that can provide ample power within a much smaller body.
  3. Best Vacuum For PetsPower – The final, important factor to consider is the power of the suction itself. Since hair can easily stick in carpeting, upholstery and even clothing, it’s important to buy a machine that’s powerful enough to extract the hair out. Many regular vacuums don’t have the adequate suction power or attachments to pick up stubborn pet hair and dander. If you find that you need to vacuum over the same spot more than once, then you probably need to look for a better one.

There are many animal hair vacuum cleaners available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. A quick web search can yield hundreds of results. Since there are so many available, it might be a good idea to create a short list of the potential ones before eliminating your choices. Doing this will save you plenty of time and effort. Keep in mind that the best vacuum is not always the one with the highest price tag. Stores that sell household appliances will typically offer a very good warranty that can even be extended for a small price. Because you will use your vacuum for cleaning up messes other than pet hair and dander, you may as well splurge. A vacuum cleaner that’s reliable, durable, and powerful is well worth the high price tag. A good place to start looking right now is Good luck!

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