How To Make Sure Your Wood Floors Stands The Test of Time

Wood floors are among the most popular floors. Some people are simply drawn to it because of its sheer elegance, others like its classic or rustic appeal, while others may install it because of a prevailing trend. However, in order to make sure it lasts for a long time, it is important to follow certain guidelines.

Avoid Water

In pursuit of exceptional cleanliness, many people will use lots of water to clean the surface. Even though this might give you a glossy surface, it may also affect the durability of the floor. Water may easily penetrate the crevices and edges. Over time, this may encourage rotting or splitting. Furthermore, regular use of water will eat away the top protective surface.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner Instead Of a Mop

You may find using a mop much faster and simpler. A mop does not use electricity hence you will save on the power bills. Nonetheless, the mop may require water and strong detergents while in use. Dust and debris may also get stuck within the fibers. This may cause unwanted scratches that ruin the overall appearance and shine. It may also make it easy for water, stains, or other fluids to penetrate the timber.

Avoid Vacuum Cleaners with a Beater Bar

Some vacuum cleaners come with a beater bar. This device makes vacuuming more effective. However, the beater is usually made of a hard material hence may scratch the surface of the wood flooring. You may thus find it better to use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar, or one that can have it removed temporarily. Cordless handheld vacuums are also a great option because they are so light, so you never have to worry about them being dragged across the floor.

User-friendly Furniture

One of the main objects that damage wood flooring is furniture. Chairs, tables, or stools that have sharp edges on the legs can easily cause scratches. Furniture that is fitted with hard bases made of metal may also cause damage. You may opt to use wheeled furniture. The wheels will simply roll instead of being dragging on the surface.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Just like many other people, you may think that direct sun speeds up the drying process. You may also believe that it also enhances the sheen. While this might be true, it may also contribute to destroying the floor. High heat may crack the clear finish as well as warping the wood. It may also weaken the chemical composition of the varnish, waxes, or polishes rendering them ineffective.

Restrict Pets

We all love having our pets around the home. The last thing a pet lover would want is not having his poodle or kitten near him. Unfortunately, the cute animals have claws which can easily scrape the surface. The animal may also urinate on the edges consequently creating a good breeding ground for bacteria or rot.

By adhering to the above tips on maintaining wood flooring, you will not only have a sparkling and smooth flooring, but will also extend its durability. In addition, proper care of the wood surface also improves the hygiene. This will especially come handy if you have little children in the home.

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