The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum – Don’t Settle For Less

Hardwood Floor HomeHardwood floors is one of the best options by various families or house types. This is because of its durability, elegance and the natural beauty of hardwood. Hardwood vacuum floors keeps the texture of your house in a good condition for a very long period of time and matches with almost every decoration type within your house.

They are gaining popularity with designers and home owners because not only do they make your house look up-market and stylish, but hardwood floors are also a sound investment. A good hardwood floor may increase your home’s value considerably. But these floors can be tricky to clean and maintain. Although a beautiful mahogany floor can add value – a scuffed, scratched or dull floor could easily detract from your home.

Once you’ve invested in your hardwood floor, you should also consider investing in the best vacuum for hardwood floor that you can afford. Keeping your floors clean is the key to keeping their beautiful shine. And a good hardwood floor vacuum is essential for keeping dust and grit from damaging your floors.

The right hardwood vacuum can also save you both time and money. Investing in the wrong one may cost you having to refinish or even replace your floors.

Most vacuums are built with carpets in mind although a few manufacturers are now releasing vacuum models designed for hardwood floors as well. Your current vacuum cleaner may actually be suitable for your new hardwood floors but you need to ensure that you know what qualities make a good vacuum good for wood flooring before you can actually pick out the best vacuum for your hardwood floors.

Canister model vacuum cleaners are normally best for hardwood flooring because:

  • They generally have rubber wheels.
  • They are generally sealed units.
  • They offer superior suction power.
  • They often come with handy attachments designed specifically for wood floors.
  • They offer HEPA filters which are part of the sealed unit.

Canister vacuum cleaners are considered a better choice for all types of wood flooring because not only do they offer stronger suction power, but they also have rubber wheels. This is very important if you don’t want to mark or scratch the floor while vacuuming. If you do prefer an upright model, then you need to ensure that the model you choose has non-scratch wheels.

Another thing to consider is whether the vacuum has a sealed system. You don’t want the dust and grit you are vacuuming to end up back on the floor in a few hours time. Generally canister vacuums offer sealed units which is why they are better for hardwood.

Choosing the best vacuum for hardwood floors isn’t just about choosing between the various features that the vacuum has to offer. Things which you need to keep in mind to help you find the best vacuum for your needs include:

  • Knowing the size of the area.
  • Knowing whether you need to carry the vacuum upstairs.
  • Deciding is you need a vacuum which includes special features like a HEPA filter.
  • See if the joints in your flooring tight or loose which means you may need more or less suction power.
  • Deciding if you afford two vacuum cleaners if you have both carpets and hardwood.
  • Deciding whether you need a vacuum that has steam capabilities or wet and dry capabilities.

At the end of the day, your investment in the best hardwood floor vacuum for your needs is a long term investment. Don’t rush your decision. Make sure you invest in the best vacuum you can afford that specifically helps you keep your floors clean and dust free.

Below is a list of some of the the best hardwood floor vacuum that you can choose from to keep your home clean while protecting your hardwood flooring. Here you will get the gist on how each one of them work together with their advantages and disadvantages.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor

This is one of the best hardwood vacuums offered by BISSELL. It works well to those who need to clean after there pets without much waste of time and it is able to collect various types of pet dander. Unlike other vacuums around, the shape of the front of these device is of letter V. BISSELL designed it this way to enable it fit into corners where other conventional types of vacuums doesn’t reach.

The V-shaped helps it to remove any dust, dunder, dirt and debris and thus doesn’t require to come with any attachment. It pulls in the large debris to the center of V and the other smaller ones are easily picked up by the outer sections of the vacuum.

The swivel head and the cord which is approximately 20 feet allows you to cover large area of your house. When you have done vacuuming, packing up the dirt is so easy. All you need to do is to unhinge the dirt cup and empty it.

Storing this type of vacuum is easy as is it is small in size thus occupying a very small space in your room. The root cyclone of this type of vacuum makes it easy to maintain its sanction power without any loss of oomph even as it is collecting the dust from your house surfaces.

Dyson DC26 Multi-floor Canister

This is an innovative type of vacuum which was invented by James Dyson when he felt insatisfaction with the way other vacuum cleaners worked. It is suitable when it comes to cleaning of hardwood floors because it is very light (ultra light) and is the smallest type within the line of products of Dyson canister.

It works on a variety of different floor types ranging from carpeted, hardwood to bare floors without wrecking the floor due to its ability of multi-flooring. It works in such a way that the air gets separated from the dust in a cyclonic motion. Due to this technology, you will be saved the costs of purchasing clean bags and filters as there is no need for them because they are washable.

When using this type of vacuum to clean your hardwood floors, out of the three tools available, the brush works best as it takes care of small and medium-sized particles including hair. It is also hygienic because it takes only one press on the button and the dirt will be released into the trash.

Dirt Devil Accucharge

This type is one of the most affordable brand in the market. It is cordless and has a rechargeable docking station which saves a lot of energy costs used to run the vacuum. Like Dayson DC26 Mutli-floor canister, it is too light enough to glide over your floors without putting a scratch on it. It also has a removable brush which ensures that the wood doesn’t get damaged.

Dirt Devil Accucharge saves a lot of space when it comes to storage as it occupies a small area due to its ability of getting folded.

Hoover Cyclonic Stick

This is a great product for cleaning hard floors because it is made with a powered brush roll which features in the cyclone technology. The cyclone technology ensures that the cleaning machine remains in its original state no matter how long you leave it going. It ensures cleaning is done independent on the type of the floor material used.

It features swivel which allows you to move round rounded corners with less effort. It has a 20 feet power cord which helps you to also move around without the need of unplugging the vacuum and moving the machine. To clean the dirt bin, there is a bottom release dirt catch that simplifies the process. With its light weight it can be transported from one room to another.


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